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Golden Earthy silk scraf women, Angel wings scarf, Designer long shawl, Oversized bohemian scarf, Festival clothes Boho coverup Goddess wear

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"Wings" golden - earthy scarf made of natural silk is based on a picture, painted by Sasha Tovstik, which was scanned on a large-format scanner, processed on a computer and then printed on the fabric.

With "Wings" scarf we remember our natural essence, that we can fly, rise into the unknown heights, float over the big city, dance in the clouds, wrap in the embrace of higher forces. In the center of the scarf there is a sacred geometric symbol of the Flower of life, which unites the whole work and gives a woman wearing it additional sense of security and self-confidence, helping her to connect with the vibrations of the Absolute. Feeling love and protection, we bloom, inspiring our loved ones and generously giving them our kindness and tenderness. Wings scarf is a work of art that you can wear.

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards."

COLOR - Golden - Earthy

Wings: White with light yellow shades
Background: golden - earthy: ochre, light brown, orange

* 100% natural silk satin
* Size – 26 x 86 in (66 x 218 cm)
* Hand hamming
* Digital print of the original "Wings" painting
* Fabric density – 12 momme (average density)
* Print on one side, the other side is slightly lighter
* Limited addition

* 30% silk / 70% cotton
* Size – 25,5 x 90 in (65 x 228 cm)
* Machine hamming
* Digital print of the original "Wings" painting
* Fabric density - 10 momme (delicate translucent soft and very touch pleasant cloth)
* Print on one side, the other side is slightly lighter
* Limited addition

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With Wings silk scarf you will feel irresistible, this amazing accessory will revive any outfit creating a unique and mysterious image. Suitable both for social function and for everyday use. Best combined with whole-colored clothes.
Wings scarf made of cotton with silk due to the fabric lightness and featheriness creates more casual look, and is suitable not only for dresses, but even for sportswear. You can wear it both as a decorative scarf and as a summery accessory that protects from the sun in hot weather.

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Care instructions:
* Can be either dry cleaned or hand washed gently in lukewarm water with natural soap or a shampoo.
* Rinse in a cool water.
* Do not rub, do not wring! Mop it gently in a towel.
* Iron in middle setting when slightly wet
* Please keep the dress away from chlorine.
* To flatten the scarf on the road (when there is no iron within reach), it is enough to spray it with water (best of all from the spray bottle) or wipe the folds with a wet towel.
* Cotton and silk scarf can be machine washed in the mode for delicate fabrics, but it is still recommended to apply to it the same principles of care as for pure silk products, as the fabric is very thin and delicate.

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